Competency Assessment & Development

Comprehensive, convenient to use & cost effective

Medical Profesional Performance Systems develops innovative, web-based tools to help teaching hospitals and physicians meet new ACGME and AOA mandates for evaluation and education.

The Assessment & Development Tool for Residents

This unique 360 degree feedback tool combines valid and reliable evaluation and a personalized apporach to competency education. The tool assesses skill levels, gives residents detailed reports based on asssessment results with specific recommendations for improvement. The tool helps program directors provide clear and meaningful feedback., a customized intervention plan and comparative information aboutperformance within and across groups.

A combination of evaluation scores, results and analysis, targeted suggestions, and online educational resources helps residents become better phsyicians through developmental activities tailored to their specific needs.

The tool is comprehensive, convenient to use, and cost-effective.

Dedicated Residents Need It

The personalized evaluation lets residents know how they stack up against other residents within their program and nationwide, and it lets them see how a team of raters think about the job they're doing.

Busy Program Directors Appreciate It

It takes about 12 minutes to fill out.

Find Out Why It's the First of Its Kind

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MPPS Signs Twenty Hospital Group

Twenty member hospitals of the Lake Erie Consortium for Osteopathic Medical Training will begin using the MPPS Assessment & Development tool this fall. learn more... (DOC format)

LECOM Program Director Workshop

MPPS will conduct a workshop for LECOMT Program Directors on the use of the MPPS Standardized Evaluation Tool for nterns, Residents, and Fellows on Wednesday, September 13th, 2006 and LECOM - Erie.

For more information on the workshop, click here... (DOC format)

For a list of Erie area motels that offer discounts to people attending the workshop, click here... (DOC format)

For additional information, please contact us.

Medical Educators Respond to the Assessment & Development Tool

Since the inception of the concept, MPPS has shown the tool to numerous medical educators. Response has been enthusiastic and encouraging.

Educators are particularly receptive to the reports and personalized curriculum. They have told MPPS residents need concrete and specific feedback about their performance and detailed strategies for improving.

In one-to-one or small group discussions with medical educators, MPPS has been told the Assessment & Development tool "is very much on track" and "has lots of potential."

Dr. Susan Sevensma, Director of Medical Education at Metropolitan Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan said, "This is a powerful way to help residents understand their competencies AND gives them the tools to improve. It is both assessment and development and, most importantly, they go hand in hand."

Dr. Earl Reisdorff of Ingham Regional Medical Center in Lansing, MI said, "This is exactly what residents need."

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